Rapidly Intensifying Hurricanes Present New Planning Concerns

By David Wojs Posted February 13, 2019 In Incident Management

Rapidly intensifying hurricanes present new planning concerns for emergency management and response officials.


A startling study says that devastating storms that intensify rapidly are becoming more common. According to the recent article by the Washington Post, “the percentage of Atlantic storms that rapidly intensified had tripled.” Additionally, they add that “the five most destructive Atlantic storms of the past two years all went through rapid intensification.”


Does this evidence warrant a change in hurricane preparedness? The easy answer is yes. It was noted in the article that rapidly intensifying storms, at or near the coast, pose a more significant risk than previously thought due to reduced warning and preparation time. “There’s just a whole host of issues that come along with rapid intensification, and none of them are good,” said Jim Kossin, one of the study’s authors and also a hurricane expert with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


As we look towards our annual hurricane plan reviews, we should all take this report into account.


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